Blind Eye Shopping

10 Apr

There is nothing I love more than wandering into a store with no intentions of buying anything, and somehow you find exactly what you are looking for.

As we near summer time, I find myself drawn to light colors and clothes with a bohemian, feminine feel. I found this top at Forever 21 last weekend, and to find something I loved at an affordable price with my meager college budget was a steal!



This top is the perfect spring/summer look for me because of the lightweight, gauzy fit and the intricate feminine details at the front. It allows me to feel girly and put together, with the flexibility of being able to throw on a pair of jeans for a casual day or night out look.


Since I’m not much of a dress person, tops like this are a fantastic addition to my closet because they make me feel like I’m dressing like a girl since I prefer jeans, pants, and shorts as opposed to skirts and dresses. Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores at the moment because although some of their things are very cheap, you can find some diamonds in the ruff (I’ve had sweaters and jeans from there for years, and they show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon). My best shopping experiences are usually when I go into a store with a blind eye, not looking for anything in particular; it’s how I’ve accumulated some of my favorite clothing pieces.


Counting My Blessings

5 Apr

On days where I feel stressed and anxious to a degree where it gets almost hard to breath, I have to sit down, take a deep breath, and prioritize.

I remind myself that even though my job causes me anxiety at times, I’m lucky to have it.

I remind myself that even though I feel like I’m drowning in school work, I’m lucky for this opportunity.

I remind myself that even though sometimes I might feel alone, I’m lucky to have such great people in my life that support me through the tough times.

Sweating the small stuff can take a toll on anyone, so sometimes it’s nice to be able to prioritize what is important to you, and change your attitude regarding the things that can really bring you down.

And retail therapy? Yeah, it’s a thing.

SM Buddies - Black

These are to die for. I swear I’m just going to look…

Skulls & Fringe

2 Apr


I can’t help but love this skull trend that’s happened lately. For someone who typically is a magnet for girly, feminine prints and colors, I can’t help but want to jump on board and start incorporating this trend into my own wardrobe. The fringe lining the purse strikes me as very summery; the perfect blend of vintage and bohemian.

Wedding Belles

31 Mar

With Spring blossoming all around us and Summer well on its way, wedding bells are beginning to ring and attendees are scrambling for the perfect outfit to wear. With nuptials pending, I have a couple of friends who can’t seem to figure out what to wear. It’s always a difficult choice; it’s spring, so that white dress in my closet would be perfect, but do I wear white to a wedding? What about that cute black dress that’s been hanging in my closet for months? Is it bad luck to wear black to a wedding? While checking out, I found some cute dresses that I could show my friends for inspiration. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to their own  wedding attendees attire, but here are a few of my personal Dos and Don’ts when it comes to dressing appropriately for someone’s Big Day.

DO: Wear Floral’s


Nothing says “Spring wedding!” like bright colors and flower prints. This adorable floral dress is the perfect way to compliment the bride and the time of year. The pleated skirt and high neckline gives the dress a demure feel, but the short length and back cut out gives it a flirty edge that leaves just enough to the imagination. Paired with a simple chunky necklace and a nude pump, you’re wedding ready.

DON’T: Go strapless. It isn’t unheard of to wear a strapless dress to a wedding. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, unless it’s a beach wedding, the strapless dress look is a little too laid back for such an important event. I think picking a cute dress with short sleeves or with some sort of strap shows respect to the bride on her special day.

DO: Wear bright pastels.


Wearing a light pastel color to a wedding gives you the pop of color you need to stand out, but not so much that you outshine the bride. This dress is the perfect shade of lavender, and the high-low cut, back cut outs, and scoop neck are perfect for a wedding. Throw on some neutral colored shoes and some coordinating (or un-coordinating!) jewelry and you are good to go!

DON’T: Wear white, black or red. This might seem obvious; the bride should be the only person wearing white on her wedding day. Although wearing black is not unheard of at a wedding, I think it’s safer to go with a lighter color or something with a pattern so you aren’t sitting there looking like a grumpy black wedding storm cloud ready to rain on their parade. And red… well, red is just scary.

DO: Wear a sweetheart, scoop neck, or close neck line.


A sweetheart neckline is always flattering. This coral dress has the perfect amount of “plunge” for a dress without showing too much skin. Keep on the look out for dresses with these necklines as well as dresses that cinch at the waist, as they are usually the most flattering. A pair of pastel or nude colored flats and a cardigan would be the perfect pieces to complete this cute wedding day look.

DON’T: Wear anything too revealing. Necklines such as the ones shown in this post are appropriate because they don’t bare a lot of skin and they leave much to the imagination. Keep an eye out for the length of the dresses you are looking at as well. If you aren’t sure what kind of dress to look for, make sure you check the invitation for any hints at what sort of attire to wear (formal or casual), so you can get an idea of what would be deemed inappropriate to wear.

If you’re finding yourself in a crunch when it comes to picking out an outfit to wear for your family or friend’s wedding, I hope some of these tips were helpful. Happy shopping!

Patterned and Printed

30 Mar


While trolling Pinterest tonight, I came across these two pieces. The first, a floral patterned romper; the second, a tribal print scarf. I couldn’t help but notice as I was scrolling through that there are more and more color blocked and mixed prints being put together to create a fresh and bright look. This color blocking and mixed patterns trend has to be one of my favorites of all time. I used to live for matching my outfits just the right way, but this trend makes getting dressed so much easier, not to mention more fun! A piece like the romper is perfect to stand alone with just a few accesories to highlight the colors of the pattern, whereas the tribal print scarf can spice up and plain shirt.

My Two Scents

27 Mar


At the end of a long day of classes and work, I love nothing more than getting into bed, catching up on some TV show favorites, and lighting a candle. Something about the sweet smell of burning wax completey calms me. Lucky for me, spring means new candle scents at Bath & Body Works!

While visiting home over spring break, my mom and I made our way over to B&BW, and I could hardly decide which candles I wanted (I think my mom thought I was going to keel over in excitement). I ended up settling on the Lemon Mint Leaf  scented candle (it looks like they are having a 2 for $22 candle deal today!). Let me tell you, this is probably one of the best smelling candles they have had in a long time. It has a clean, happy scent that isn’t too overwhelming, which is something I like to avoid. The new scents even caught the attention of my mom, and she ended up purchasing the same one I picked out, as well as Market Peach and Pineapple Mango. She’s a hard sell on candles, so I figure these ones have to be winners!

Another B&BW favorite of mine are their mini hand sanitizers. They run at about $1.75 per bottle, but they usually have a 5 for $5 deal that I can’t help but take them up on when I run out of sanitizer. There’s a new line of spring sanitizers that match those of the candles, but before that line, they came out with some tropical scents as well. I’m currently obsessed with the Aloha Orchid scent.

These new spring scents and other goodies really makes it feel like we are transitioning successfully out of winter and truly settling into spring. I can’t wait to see what Bath & Body Works comes out with next!

Spring into Fashion

26 Mar

It happens every year: the moment spring arrives and the weather is a warm 70 degrees, I go into major shopping mode. I’m scouring stores and websites for the newest spring shipments of shorts, dresses, and swimming suits, before I realize that despite the unusually warm weather, most everybody is still in jeans and sweaters. There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead though, right? Here are a few pieces of spring/summer clothing that I can’t wait to search for once the weather maintains a constant warm temperature.

AE Dress

This first dress from American Eagle just screams “Spring time!” to me. The spaghetti strap style is perfect for the spring to summer transition and the lace is super feminine. This dress has the ability to be worn out for shopping or a casual lunch date with a few bracelets and a pair of sandals, or it could be dressed up with a blazer and some pumps for a night on the town.

Pac Sun

The next spring item that caught my eye while out shopping the other day are these tie front Challis shorts from Pac Sun. I love the black and white tribal-like print in contrast to the bright pink tie at the front. I’m pretty much all about anything with pockets, and the fact that these super soft shorts come with side pockets is a huge selling point for me! These would be perfect worn out on a warm spring or summer day with a bright colored tank top and some sandals, and could also double as a swimming suit bottom cover up.


This last dress is a trend that’s been seen around a lot lately — the Maxi Dress. The one pictured above can be found at Victoria’s Secret. I love the style and look of a maxi dress — it’s a super casual way to look fashionable and on-trend. This is one trend that I would love to pull off, but I just can’t seem to find the right dress to compliment by body type. I’m a tall girl, and sometimes maxi dresses just don’t fall the right way on my body. However, it seems to be working for the VS model above!

Those are just a few of the trends for spring and summer I’ve come across so far that really caught my eye. Here are a pair of shorts that also caught my eye while online shopping at Urban Outfitters… and all I have to say is: WTF?


To each their own, I suppose?